be her champion!

Champions are crucial to the success of the Castell Leadership Program,  and to the women they sponsor.


  • Identify high-potential women

  • Recommend them for the Castell Program

  • Provide corporate support for their participation

By identifying high-potential women within their organization and championing them for the program, they are building future leaders with enhanced skills, as well as heightened respect and loyalty for their company.

The women we championed, all with different backgrounds, specialties and perspectives, returned so enthusiastic about what they learned during the three day program in Atlanta. Castell was able to provide them with tools that they didn’t have and really didn’t recognize they needed. They all seem more intent, and comfortable, moving their career forward, and I am impressed with the loyalty we have seen from them for our organization.
— John Hardy, President and CEO, The John Hardy Group

After identifying and nominating high potential women within their organizations, Champions contribute to their year of learning by following their progress. Employers fund participation in the program.

take the first step

Champion a high–potential women to prepare her for a future leadership role.

To nominate a participant for the 2020 Castell Program, please complete and submit the Castell Nomination Form to Deborah Cox, For additional information, contact Peggy Berg,, or Deborah Cox,