Why castell

The Castell Leadership Program is designed for high-potential women at the point where competition for the next level intensifies.

There are six strengths needed to reach positions of power and influence that women develop best through gender-specific training.

Castell Program prepares women to win the move up.

To apply for the 2020 Castell Program, please contact Peggy Berg, pberg@castellproject.org, or Deborah Cox, dcox@castellproject.org.


  • Influencing and negotiating decision-making processes, especially those that impact business results

  • Developing executive presence – the combination of confidence, presentation, personal branding, image and presence that commands a “seat at the table” where contributions are heard and respected

  • Maintaining a strong group of advisors and champions to support career aspirations

  • Building a resource network that includes access to critical business information as needed

  • Creating a solid career and life plan that guides future development decisions

  • Having a family in combination with a strong career


who should attend

Castell Program is designed for high-potential women at the point where competition for next level positions intensifies.

  • Corporate executive women preparing to move up

  • General managers ready for the corporate level.

  • Managers preparing for larger and higher value hotels.

  • Women in hotel brokerage or finance targeting higher profile more lucrative roles.

  • Consultants preparing for partnership or their own practice.


Castell Program Road Map

A year of learning and reinforcement to strengthen a woman’s career, build her network and prepare her to win the move up.

Download Road Map


Month 1


Application and CV

Champion’s Nomination

Board Call / Interview

Directed Readings

Negotiation Worksheet

360 Review & 16 PF Assessment

Webinar: Castell Process


Month 2 Conference

Conference in Atlanta

Negotiation Training

Network Building

Career Plan Set-Up

Team Call


Months 3-6

Webinar: Custom Topics

Executive Coaching Call

Team Call

Accountability Partner Call


Months 7-12

Webinar (Month 7 only)

Team Call

Accountability Partner Call

Launch Memo and Certification (month 12 only)


To apply for the Castell Program, please submit the Champion's Nomination Form and the Application and Registration Form.